As more countries are aware of the irreparable damage we inflict on the environment, governments and companies are always working to come up with new technologies that can have a less damaging impact on our planet. About 30 years ago, countries of the world signed a protocol that aims at the discontinuing of HVAC refrigerants that affect the ozone layer. However, a transition phase was needed to give companies, governments, and people the time needed to find new environmentally friendly options.

Most of the harmful refrigerants had to be phased out, but as the HVAC industry was adjusting, this meant that there will be a significant decrease in supply. As the prices and awareness increased, Bluon TdX presented an affordable smart solution that can benefit the industry and the users of the technology.

Switching to Bluon TdX is a Smart Decision:

Today, it is hard and expensive to get old refrigerants like R22 which has been widely used in HVAC systems for years. Switching to Bluon TdX as a new and more innovative refrigerant becomes the most practical choice.

Before the invention of Bluon TdX, there were other trials that weren’t that successful. Other refrigerants were not as efficient and affected the performance of the HVAC systems. They caused an increase in the electricity bill in order to deliver the same level of performance which is one of the main reasons a lot of users were reluctant about making a switch.

Bluon TdX is different in the sense that it actually improves the consumption of energy. It is more affordable and delivers optimum performance while saving at least 20% of energy consumption. This means that it has a high return on investment as it basically pays for itself after you install it.

Moreover, you don’t have to endure any extra costs to switch to Bluon TdX. Your current equipment will function just fine, or even better after replacing your refrigerant.

Bluon TdX is a Green Choice:

HVAC systems are essential as they can improve the quality of our lives. But this doesn’t have to be done at the expense of our planet. These systems contribute to about 30% of the Greenhouse Effect that leads to global warming and changes in climate. By switching to new refrigerants, some of these adverse effects can be slowed down or even reversed.

Bluon TdX doesn’t match any of the refrigerants that were introduced to the market to replace the R22. As a matter of fact, it represents an upgrade to R22 and all its alternatives. As it reduces that energy consumption, it also manages to carry more heat at low pressures. This means that you will get to enjoy more productivity of the HVAC system’s coil without putting any more strain on the compressor. Switching to Bluon TdX is going to lengthen the life of your HVAC system.

It is time to make the change. You don’t have to worry about enduring any costs as the transition is easy and practical. All you have to do is to make the right investment.